VM sample production service update

Usage statistics graph for January to March 2020

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt everywhere – including in our VM creation suite, which has been closed along with the majority of the University campus in Milton Keynes.  Don’t fret, though: as soon as the campus reopens, the VM elves (both of them!) will be back on site and ready to make new VM samples for you.

The usage graph for Jan-Mar 2020 shows the dramatic impact of COVID-19 on teaching worldwide – as well as the healthy number of perennial users.  We know you value our site and are grateful for your support.  We will let you know here when we are open for business once more; in the meantime if you think you may need us to make you some more VM samples, please contact us at: virtual-microscope@open.ac.uk so we can start planning.


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