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In the time before computers and tablets, on-line gaming and social networking there were other things kids wanted for Christmas, but despite this old advert, I'm not sure many children wanted a typewriter.

I inherited this one when my father abandoned it for a desktop PC and printer. We've posted it in the cabinet of curiosities because its become a curiosity, not old enough to be worth anything, but so few are seen now that it has become a curiosity. 

Long before the days of word processing typewriters were writing and printing devices that required no electricity, no internet, and had 0 MB of memory. Despite the drawbacks, these devices were used in almost every workplace, and many homes. Each typewriter had a printer built in and an almost everlasting ink cartridge. They were entirely mechanical, and required quite a bit of strength to bash the keys. Each key hit moved levers within the machine with letters embossed in metal. For each key pressed, a type bar jumped up and hit the ink ribbon producing an imprint of a letter on the paper. Brilliant devices, but I can't see them making a come back any day soon.

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