About Virtual Microscope

An overview, our backstory, the user guide and contacts

The team

Several areas of The Open University contributed to the Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences project. Simon Kelley and Andy Tindle of the Science faculty supplied the mineralogy and geology expertise, acquired and digitised samples, and developed collections and teaching resources. Peter Whalley of the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) invented and developed the concept of the Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences; Jon Linney, Chris Valentine and Kevin Quick in the KMi team developed several pilot virtual microscope applications. Nigel Clarke of Pentahedra Ltd produced the virtual microscope and rotating specimen HTML5 assets. Learning and Teaching Solutions project managed, designed and created the Drupal website to host the virtual microscope.

Partners and contributors

  • British Geological Survey
    Contacts: Mike Howe
  • The Geological Society of London
    Contact: Richard Hughes
  • The Hunterian – University of Glasgow
    Contact: John Faithfull
  • The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland
    Contact: Kevin Murphy
  • National Museum Wales, Cardiff
    Contact: Richard Bevins
  • The Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro
    Contact: Jennifer Woolcock
  • Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences
    Contact: Sarah Hammond

We would also like to thank Jeremy Hooper (Imerys), Henry Emeleus (Durham University) and John Watson (The Open University) for their contribution of samples and assistance, and Michelle Higgins and Kay Green who prepared many of the thin sections.

Other projects linked to the Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences

The OpenScience Laboratory